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Retirement Livery

When he's given you his best years, you want the best for his resting years. 

Unfortunately while we cant offer our horses an x-pat life of sunbeds and sangria on the algarve for their formative years... we can offer them something every bit as special here in beautiful green Devon!

We understand how tough this decision will be.. you might be asking yourself, is now the right time for retirement? will he settle out of work? will my horse be somewhere safe? will he be well loved and cared for? will i be able to visit regularly?

If your looking for a 

Let us allay your worries with our unique, bispoke retirement livery package.

What can we offer:

 A VERY select few retirement spaces on a small yard environment, offering your horse a truly one to one, home away from home style of retirement care.

 An Individual, tailored, daily routine of care.

 A stable with the bedding of your choice for use either 365 days a year or over the winter months, with 24/7 turn out in the summer.

 Ad-lib organic hay, all year round.

 Grazing on "old loam" paddocks, filed with herbs and natural meadow species (very low rye content), great for the feet and the gut of older horses.

 A tailored feeding program and daily bucket feeds if required (supplements are additional and to be provided by owners)

 A fully managed worming program.

 A fully managed hoof care program.

 Monthly condition scoring, weight tape and visual health report.

 Annual washing of indoor rugs**

 Keep updated on your horses retirement via phone, email, text, facebook and Instagram!


Selina offers a full spectrum of on site support services, which can be accessed at any time and for example we can cover your horses care during your holidays.

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